Yuragi Chainring/2Colors


The Yuragi series is inspired by refreshing plants that sway happily in the breeze.
The colorful natural stone and small pigskin flowers will add color to your hands. The free-size chain ring can be used in a variety of ways, not only as a ring but also as a hoop earring or necklace chain.

◼︎SIZE: Free

blue: K10YG, K14GF, Leather , Swiss Blue Topaz , Apatite, Blue Chalcedony , Buttons: Moonstone , Apatite (2 types )

Navy: K10YG, K14GF, leather , London blue topaz , moonstone , amethyst , buttons: moonstone , tanzanite , lapis lazuli
Color: 2 types

◼︎COLOR: blue , navy

*Due to the nature of handmade and natural stone products, each piece will have individual differences in shape and color.