Flowers swaying lightly beside you
Selieu represents the subtle beauty of nature
It is a jewelry brand.

Soft and high quality pigskin,
Combining the gifts of nature such as natural stones and pearls,
We create each piece of jewelry so that you can enjoy its texture and color.

When you wear it, a smile will naturally come to your face.
Add colour to your everyday life with Selieu jewellery.


Tomoko Taguchi
I started Selieu in 2014 as a way to express myself.
He also organizes and supervises workshops to promote and develop the leather industry.

Founded in 2014 by Tomoko Taguchi as a way of self-expression.
Developed a jewelry line using pig leather ,  the special domestic ( local ) product of Tokyo and a by-product of dietary life.
Hold a workshop and practice project & supervision for promotion and development of the Japan Leather Industry.



The pigskin that makes the flowers of Selieu
Natural materials with unique colors and nuances.
It is light, soft and strong, making it perfect for delicate processing.
It produces vibrant colors and expresses the rich hues that nature produces.
Plus, pigskin is a sustainable and ethical material.
It is a food by-product, most of which is produced in Tokyo.
The pigskin that was supposed to be thrown away,
To transform them into flowers that you can love.
It is manufacturing that takes into consideration people, society, the global environment, and local industries.

We deliver our products with confidence. You can wear them with confidence.
That's Selieu jewelry.



Soft pigskin is cut into a shape and then a soldering iron is used to create small parts...
Each piece of Selieu jewelry is created through careful handcraft.

After going through many steps, the flowers begin to bloom one by one in your hands.
Brightly blooming flowers and natural stones and precious metals gently collect light.
The parts created by nature are carefully assembled.
"I breathed life into it."
When a piece of jewelry is finished, I am filled with these emotions.
I want to add color to women who live cute and graceful lives.
That feeling remains unchanged.
We will continue to create jewelry that will gently stay with you for a long time to come.



Selieu started out as a hobby, making accessories such as corsages. My first piece was a flower corsage made from leftover fabric. I have been fascinated by colorful flowers since I was a child. Using flowers as a motif was a natural choice for me.

"I want to find a place where I can be myself and have fun."

Since I started making jewelry with that simple feeling, I have had many encounters.

The moment the customers try on their jewelry in front of the mirror, their expressions light up, and every time I hear customers say things like, "My friends complimented me," "It makes me feel good when I wear it," or "I want to collect them for each season," I feel motivated to continue creating.

One day, I find myself moved by the colors and textures of nature, and a customer notices the jewelry I make and treasures it. I feel happy to be able to share the emotion of that day with my customers.

Selieu was started by one person's desire to "find a place where I can enjoy myself in my own way."

Now, we want to be a brand that our customers can enjoy every day.

We cherish the bonds that these little flowers form, and deliver jewelry that will bring a smile to your face.



Selieu 's jewelry is inspired by the subtle natural elements that we experience while walking around the city. By stopping by our local flower shop, park or botanical garden, we come into contact with a variety of colors and textures, which inspires our ideas.

Every day, while walking to my studio, my eyes are drawn to the plants. Flower buds swell little by little, softly blooming flowers fall, and before you know it, fruit is growing. I am amazed by the daily changes, and amazed by the fact that even flowers blooming on the same branch each have their own unique beauty.

The pigskin that gives the Selieu flowers their shape, and the natural stones and pearls that are used in combination with them, are all natural materials that give their individuality in color and nuance. Each piece has its own expression, expressing the "unique beauty" of the natural world.

And the customers who wear our jewelry are unique beings who celebrate their own unique beauty.

We want to create something that will enhance that beauty for a long time.

With this in mind, we take great care to make sure our products are comfortable to wear, taking advantage of the lightness of pigskin, and we also offer maintenance services to ensure they last a long time. We also accept consultations regarding "color orders" that will allow our customers to further express their originality.

I want them to bloom beautifully for a long time, swaying alongside the smiling faces of our customers.

Blooming with every season,

I hope you enjoy your encounter with the flowers.