Rin earrings


The Rin series is based on the lily of the valley motif.
The refreshing white flowers and the shades of green leaves give a natural and clean impression. The chain is decorated with transparent green agate, allowing you to enjoy the contrast between the soft texture of the pigskin and the brilliance of the natural stone. The left and right sides have different volumes, creating an asymmetrical design. The earrings can be worn at any length you like, so you can enjoy the asymmetrical length. The earrings are fixed length.

◼︎SIZE: Total length of earrings: approx. 11cm  
◼︎MATERIAL: Leather, K14GF, green agate, freshwater pearl
Clip-on earrings: Silver K18GP
◼︎COLOR: White & Green

*Due to the nature of handmade products, each item will have individual differences in shape and color.