Kuu Charm Short/3Colors


A series inspired by the clear autumn and winter skies [Kuu]
Each represents the sun, evening, and night sky. Available in 3 colors.

The colors illuminated by the light I used a gradation of natural stones .
The natural stones sway gently in the crisp air, creating a feminine and graceful impression.
The charms come in two types, short and long. The colorful light reflects off of them and sparkles on your skin.

You can wear it through your own earrings, necklaces, earrings, or ear cuffs.

The price is for one piece. If you would like a pair, please purchase 2 pieces.
-Charm sold separately; necklace, earrings, and studs are sold separately.
You can view the parts that can be combined in the [ Charm Parts ] category.

◼︎SIZE: Short Total length: about 4.5cm

A(sun) : K10YG, K14GF wire, leather, moonstone , spessartite garnet, lemon quartz, citrine
B (eve) : K10YG, K14GF wire, leather, Moonstone , pink sapphire , garnet
C (night): K10YG, K14GF wire, leather, moonstone , sapphire, aquamarine , neon blue apatite, amethyst

◼︎COLOR: 3 meal options

*Due to the nature of handmade and natural stone products, each piece will have individual differences in shape and color.