FUJI Charm Short/Long


A new piece based on the motif of wisteria flowers, which have a fantastical allure with their gorgeous drooping appearance.
The flowers sway gently in the wind, their colors soft and vibrant.

We have created two types of round loop charms, long and short, which can be used as earrings, pierced earrings or necklaces.
The hanging design gives it a striking look, allowing you to enjoy asymmetrical combinations.

・The price is for one piece. If you would like a pair, please purchase 2 pieces.
-Charm sold separately; necklace, earrings, and studs are sold separately.
・You can view the parts that can be combined in the [ Charm Parts ] category.
-Due to the nature of handmade products, each item will have individual differences in shape and color.

◼︎SIZE: Short length approx. 5.5cm/Long length 9cm
◼︎MATERIAL: K14GF , Leather , Amethyst, Moonstone
◼︎COLOR: White, sand gray, pastel purple, purple