AKANE Earrings/Earrings Coral/2 Colors


The new [AKANE] series is inspired by the beautiful deep red of a sunset. The large, spreading flowers give a dramatic impression. The red tones blend well with the skin and are a gorgeous, feminine color. The vibrantly colored coral (dyed) adds an even more gorgeous, movement-like feel. The coral parts of the earrings can be folded in half or removed, so you can use them with your existing earrings. (The parts of the earrings cannot be removed.)


◼︎SIZE: Total length approx. 6cm
◼︎MATERIAL: K14GF, Leather, Coral (dyed)
Clip-on earring fittings: Brass GP
◼︎COLOR: rose, raspberry

*Due to the nature of handmade products, each item will have individual differences in shape and color.