2way Chain Charm/5Types


Akoya pearl and natural stone charms that are fun to arrange.
There are small round parts on the top and bottom.
It can be used in two ways: by hanging it down by threading an earring post through the round part on one side, or by folding it over by threading it through the round parts on both sides.
It can be threaded through an earring post or used as a necklace with a bar-type end.

*The long chain has a round part on only one side and cannot be folded.


<Parts that can be combined>
Chain necklace
Chain bracelet and earrings
Chain earrings/ring
Other post type earrings

・The price is for one piece. If you would like a pair, please purchase 2 pieces.
-Charm sold separately; necklace and earrings are sold separately.
-Since natural stones and pearls are natural materials, each one will have individual differences in shape and color.

< ① Akoya pearls 1>
◼︎SIZE: Total length approx. 4cm, Akoya pearl approx. 6mm
◼︎MATERIAL: K10, Akoya pearl
◼︎COLOR: White

< ② Akoya pearls 3>
◼︎SIZE: Total length approx. 5cm, Akoya pearl approx. 5mm
◼︎MATERIAL: K10, Akoya pearl
◼︎COLOR: White

< ③Herkimer 1>
◼︎SIZE: Total length approx. 4cm, Herkimer 1 grain approx. 7mm
◼︎MATERIAL: K10, Akoya pearl
◼︎COLOR: Clear

< ④Herkimer 3>
◼︎SIZE: Total length approx. 6.5cm, Herkimer grain approx. 7mm
◼︎MATERIAL: K10, Akoya pearl ◼︎COLOR: Clear

< ⑤Long Chain>
◼︎SIZE: Total length approx. 8cm