YUI Earrings/2Colors


The "YUI" series earrings are based on the concept of "yui". "Yui" means "connecting disparate things to become one" or "friends who help and cooperate with each other". The design shows a string of five large and small gradational flowers in five colors, connected together as if they were snuggling up to the ear.

One earring can be worn in three different ways.
The length can be adjusted so you can use it at your preferred length.
1: Keep it simple with hanging flowers.
2: Insert the chain into the round part of the lower stone, leaving it at half the volume.
3: Place the ear cuff (sold separately) into the round part of the stone at the bottom and fit it around your ear.

Ear cuffs sold separately Can be combined with earrings .
Ear cuff
Hoop earrings S/M
Hoop Earrings S/M


◼︎SIZE: Total length approx. 10cm
A: K10YG, Leather, K14GF Wire, Pink Topaz
B: K10YG, Leather, Wire K14GF, Moonstone
A: white, sakura, pink, raspberry, rose
B: white, beige, yellow, ice blue, navy

*Due to the nature of handmade products, each item will have individual differences in shape and color.