TEEMA Leather Recipe

TEEMA Leather Recipe

We have proposed two original leather craft recipes on the leather specialty website " teema ". Anyone can make them by following the recipes.


"Flower brooch" and "withered leaf key ring"


It is finished with a natural motif that is characteristic of Selieu.


The material used is cowhide leather, which is sold on the teema webshop, and the leather tools used are also sold together. If you carefully finish the back and sides of cowhide leather, it will have a much more beautiful finish.


The site contains many recipes from other crafters, so please try making your favorite leather products.









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Themed Time
Craft leather / leather styling needs a theme

When "I have this styling theme" and "I'm going to take the time to make it today" are connected,
Leather becomes more fun and more personal.

Based on the styling theme
Simple yet sophisticated leather fashion coordination,
Leather craft that allows you to express your own tastes and passions
A cross-disciplinary leather specialty website.