nest Robe / Kasumi Charm Sales Information

nest Robe / Kasumi Charm Sales Information

A simple and practical clothing brand that uses high-quality natural materials such as linen and is particular about comfort and texture. nest Robe>

The special color Kasumi charm and 70cm chain necklace set is now available at nest Robe stores nationwide and in the online shop.

nest Robe's new collection "NEW YEAR, NEW COLOR" To match the juicy colors, This Kasumi charm is custom made in a combination of red, raspberry pink, light pink, and white .

The chain necklace included in the set has a slide ball so you can adjust the length. The total length is 70cm, so you can wear it over your head.

The charms are removable and can be combined with your existing necklaces, earrings, etc., or with other parts available from "Selieu."

The quantity is limited, so please come and take a look.
For stock inquiries, Please contact nest Robe.

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