INVITATION TO ATELIER VOL.5 will be held on 12/4 (Sat) and 12/5 (Sun)

INVITATION TO ATELIER VOL.5 will be held on 12/4 (Sat) and 12/5 (Sun)

We will be holding a two- day limited sale at our normally closed atelier in Futako Tamagawa .

This time, a beeswax eco-wrap workshop will be held at the same time by Yuka Kanazawa, organiser of "Kurashi Marche ".


The "Kurashi Marche " is a community-based initiative in Setagaya Ward that aims to promote recycling through various workshops and composting clubs, with the aim of promoting recycling in the area. This will also be an opportunity to hear some wonderful stories about the lifestyles of the people involved.
As our studio is small, we require reservations for specific times.
Please come and join us with your friends.

Reservations will be accepted from 8pm on Saturday , November 20th .

In addition to new products and the full line, we will sell discontinued products and products with scratches and stains at special prices. We also accept consultations such as color orders.

◽️ Beeswax Eco-Wrap Workshop (Kurashi Marche founder Yuka Kanazawa)
Why not start doing something good for the environment while having fun in your daily life?
Beeswax Eco Wraps are made entirely from materials that can be recycled, are washable and reusable, and are environmentally friendly.
The dyed fabric used is organic cotton dyed with vegetables and tea by dyer Misaki Ushiozu . You can choose from five different types, including red shiso, onion, burdock, and green tea.
We'll make it together and also show you how to use it.

Contents: 2 sheets of beeswax eco wrap (large and small) + original recipe to make your own, 2,500 yen (tax included)
Size: Square type approx. 20cm, round type approx. 16cm

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Lives in Hokuto City.
After graduating from a fashion university, she taught herself botanical dyeing using plants she encountered in her daily life surrounded by mountains, and vegetable scraps discarded from farms and greengrocers.

Date : 12/4 ( Sat ) 12/5 ( Sun )
10:00~12:00 ② 12:00~14:00 ③ 14:00~16:00 ④ 16:00~18:00 Maximum of 4 people per session


Location: Selieu Atelier, 5 minutes walk from Futako Tamagawa Station (detailed location will be provided upon reservation)


How to apply : Applications will be accepted by email from 20:00 on Saturday, November 20th ( first come, first served)

Please send your desired date and time (first and second choice), name, and phone number to .
For group applications, please include the names of all participants and the contact information of the representative.

・We will reply within 3 days of receiving your application email . If you do not receive a reply email, please check your spam filter and contact us again.
Participation in the workshop and purchase of jewelry are optional.
・Please take off your shoes when entering the atelier.
-Payment method: Eco wrap workshops can be paid by cash or PayPay , jewelry can be paid by cash, card or PayPay .
・To prevent infection, we will keep the windows open at all times to ventilate the room. Please wear clothes that will allow you to regulate your body temperature. When entering the studio, we ask that you wash your hands and use alcohol disinfectant. We hope to provide an environment where you can feel as safe as possible.