About overseas shipping

About overseas shipping

<About overseas shipping>
We can ship overseas.The procedure is as follows.

1 :Please select items from the online store.
2: Please send us an email. Please write the name, address and phone number of the destination. →
3 :​We'll e-mail you the bill. You can pay by credit card from the link in the email.
4:We will send it by EMS after the payment. There are some areas that cannot be sent. Please contact us.
5 :​We will let you know the tracking number after shipping. The delivery will take about 2 to 5 days to Asia.

Customs duties are paid by the recipient.
We want many people to see our products made of Japanese pig leather!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Stores other than those listed in "SHOP" are not genuine Selieu products.
It has come to light that Selieu's products are being posted and sold without permission on an unofficial spoof e-commerce site.
Counterfeit products are also on the market.
We recommend purchasing from this official website.
Or, please check the official dealer listed in "SHOP".

We are not responsible for any after-sales support or troubles caused by similar products, counterfeit products, or non-official stores.