2/8 21:00~ Brooch Sale!!

2/8 21:00~ Brooch Sale!!

It's still cold in February , but the mimosa buds are starting to appear.

We are offering a 30% off sale on brooches that can be worn for graduation and entrance ceremonies at our online store!

The types are here.

Nano brooch in two colors (Sakura x Gray/Pastel Yellow x White)

Mari brooch 1 color (navy x white)

Nano is a series based on the rapeseed flower motif, and Mari is a series based on the Japanese iris motif.

It can be used in a variety of ways, such as a scarf or knitted hat in winter, a jacket or stole in spring, and a hat in summer.

Starting at 9pm on February 8th , we will be offering a 30% discount off the regular price .

Limited quantity available while supplies last.

(This brooch will be discontinued once sold out.)

With the arrival of spring, we hope you enjoy coordinating brooches.

Please have a look.