Important Notices

It has come to our attention that Selieu products have been listed and sold without authorization by several unauthorized online shops.

This appears to be a fraudulent e-commerce website. Although it looks like a normal online shop, it is actually a scam website for a fictitious company.

All photos and product descriptions have been used without permission, and the items are being sold at sale price of about half the regular price.


We are outraged that someone is taking advantage of the brand that we have nurtured with great care, but we are reporting this to ensure that no damage occurs.

For purchases, please check the official retailers listed on the " SHOP " page of our website. Sales information for events is listed on the " NEWS " page.



On the spoofed EC site,

I bought a product but it never arrived!

Your personal information will also be stolen!

Please do not use this service under any circumstances!



Currently, sale items are not sold in Japan at Selieu (sale items will be announced on our website when they are on sale).

We are not responsible for any after-sales support or problems associated with similar products, counterfeit products, or non-official stores.

Please refrain from purchasing from any store other than an authorized dealer.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.