<Important> Caution regarding counterfeit products (Japanese)

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Thank you for your continued patronage of Selieu .


It has been confirmed that an existing business partner in China is manufacturing counterfeit Selieu products and selling them as Selieu products at several online shops listed below.

Although counterfeit products are very similar to our products in terms of shape and specifications, they are not manufactured by our company and are of significantly different quality. Counterfeit products are of poor quality and may significantly damage our brand image and cause harm to our customers. We strongly condemn the unauthorized use and duplication of such designs.

<Stores where counterfeit goods are currently being sold >

Taobao: ARTCHIC ( closed )

RED (Little Red Book): ARTCHIC : ARTCHIC


False information about genuine " Selieu " products and products made in Japan, and the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products

Unauthorized reproduction of images posted on our product pages or social media

・Unauthorized reproduction of product names and product descriptions

We will take appropriate measures, including legal action, against the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products.

To avoid accidentally purchasing counterfeit products, please use our authorized dealers and online store.

We cannot provide any guarantees, returns, or exchanges for counterfeit products. We cannot take any responsibility, so we ask that you be careful when purchasing to avoid making any mistakes.

In addition, the following online stores have no dealings with us, the origin of the products they sell is unknown, and they have reproduced our product pages and images without permission, violating our intellectual property rights. We ask that you refrain from making purchases from them.

<Stores where copyright infringement has been confirmed>

Taobao: emo overseas collection  

Taobao: Flowers of Tokyo  



Selieu Official Online Store (International shipping available)

Other authorized retailers can be found here  

Please check here for the procedure for overseas shipping .


We hope that you will continue to support Selieu in the future .