Concept book announcement

Concept book announcement

We created a concept book for Selieu .

Designer Taguchi's thoughts on a daily basis, the origins of the brand, the story behind the production, the materials and attention to detail, etc.
We had a writer conduct an interview and compile the information into a text. In addition, the visual design includes plants to match the brand image, which has a plant motif.

Rather than being a catalogue, it is packed with content packed full of Seryu's contents, with a lot of text, to help you get to know the world of Seryu better.

Once you understand the story behind the piece - who made it, what materials it is made from, and how it was made - you will find it more fun and exciting to choose jewelry from a different perspective.

I would be happy if you feel closer to me than ever before.

The two types of concept books will be handed out at events, exhibitions, etc.
If you would like one, please contact us via CONTACT and we will send it to you.

Direction: Kayoubi Design
 Photographer : Hidee Miura 
 Writer : Azusa Okajima 
 Printing : Sanko Co., Ltd.