Caution regarding counterfeit products

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Thank you for using Selieu.


It has been confirmed that an existing business partner in China is manufacturing counterfeit products of Selieu products and selling them as Selieu products at several online shops listed below.

Although the counterfeit products are very similar in shape and specifications to our products, they are not manufactured by us and their quality is significantly different. Counterfeit products are of inferior quality and can seriously damage the brand image and cause harm to customers. We strongly condemn any unauthorized use or reproduction of such designs.


<Stores currently confirmed to be selling counterfeit products>

Taobao: ARTCHIC (closed)


京東商城 ( ARTCHIC


False information stating that “Selieu” is a genuine product/made in Japan, manufacturing and selling counterfeit products

Unauthorized reproduction of our product pages and images posted on SNS

Unauthorized reproduction of product names and product descriptions



Our company will take appropriate measures, including legal measures, against the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products.

To avoid purchasing counterfeit products by mistake, please use our authorized dealers and online stores.

We cannot provide guarantees, returns, or exchanges for counterfeit products. We cannot be held responsible for this, so please be careful when purchasing to avoid making any mistakes.



In addition, the following online shops do not have any business with us, and the origin of the products they sell is unknown.The stores in question also reproduce our product pages and published images without permission, and violate our intellectual property rights. Infringing. We ask customers to refrain from purchasing.


<Stores where rights infringement has been confirmed>

Taobao: emo 海外集飾


Taobao: 东京の花 




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